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Welcome to Pendo Point, Kenya's most private adult products shopping site. Since 2013 we have privately delivered over 13,000 packages. We operate a small adult products warehouse in Nairobi, Kenya. Everything we do is done from our premise » billing, processing orders, packing, delivery, shipping, and customer service. We do everything in-house to keep your order as secure and confidential as possible.

Throughout the years, we've grown tremendously, thanks in part to our private and efficient ordering process and our excellent customer service. We realize that customers want to buy adult products in the most private environment possible, and we are happy to offer that environment. Keeping your secrets is our business and we take it very seriously.

We'll strive to make the site as streamlined and user-friendly as possible. What won't change is our exceptional privacy policy. We will continue to offer the highest quality products in a safe and private environment. We promise that every part of your experience and engagement with us will reflect our strong values. Read more ...

As your top online sex shop, we'll continually add new adult toys so you can have the best sex of your life. These intimate products are designed to make everything from masturbation to partner sex, bondage, and strap-on play the hottest it can be.

Our aim is to give you a great a discreet service. Check out all the hottest adult products we offer! With over 70 products already featured on our website, we are aiming to offer you around 200 products in the very near future.

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