Cobra Ecstacy Vibrator

Race to ecstasy with the Cobra Ecstacy Men's Vibrator. The Cobra Ecstacy is very popular with male sex toy customers. This isn't a stroker sleeve, like most men's sex toys - it's simply a vibrator that fits around the head of your penis and uses intense vibration to get you off.

You can try the Cobra Ecstacy in a few different ways: first, you can just let it sit and do the work for you. Another way to use it is to rock the massager back and forth on your penis. Still another way is to add some rhythmic pressure on the top. The Cobra Ecstacy is a men's sex toy that you can play with to see what works best for you.

The Cobra Ecstacy is rechargeable for more pleasure. This men's vibrator was made to look something like a race car, from hard plastic, with a stretchy silicone sleeve that will stretch to accommodate any penis. Use the Cobra Ecstacy with water-based lube only.

The Cobra Ecstacy is easy to control, with an intuitive touch-pad. Use the provided power plugin to charge your Cobra Ecstacy.

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