Twin-Teaser Rabbit Vibrator

The Twin Teasers Vibrator is a unique rabbit vibrator that features a clitoral teaser and an anal teaser for all-over stimulation. This rabbit vibrator pleasures you with three motors - one in the tip of the rotating shaft, one in the clitoral stimulator and one in the anal teaser. Also featuring 8 levels of rotation and 8 levels of vibration, the Twin Teasers Rabbit Vibrator will take you to a whole new level of orgasm.

The Twin Teasers Rabbit Vibrator is unique because it features a flexible cord of anal beads. You can use this vibrating stimulator on your perineum, or you can insert it to feel the incredible vibrations internally. At the same time, you'll feel vibrations on your g-spot from the rotating shaft. The angled head of the shaft is perfect for g-spot stimulation, especially since the vibration is concentrated in the tip of the vibrator. The flexible clitoral stimulator vibrates as well, meaning you'll feel pleasurable vibrations everywhere.

Use the Twin Teasers Rabbit Vibrator with a silicone or water-based lubricant. This 100% waterproof vibrator can be cleaned easily with soap and water, or with an antibacterial soap. Takes 3 regular batteries.

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Ksh. 9,000